Maryland-Pennsylvania Sacred Fire Community Monthly Fire Circles. Women's and Men's Fires. Workshops, Rituals and Healing.

Sacred Fire Gatherings

Fire gives birth to deep, authentic community. Burning away our fear and preconception, we discover that the natural expression of who we are is sacred, endowed with unique gifts, and is inseparable from our relationship with others. We remember how essential community is to our spiritual growth and how it can support us through life's changes and challenges.

Sacred Fire Gatherings bring forth warmth and connections, are sometimes messy, and are very human. They provide a vehicle for learning and engagement and are open to anyone regardless of spiritual affiliation. Every person has a place around the Fire!
Fire is a profound, ancient medicine that helps us remember our essential nature and connects us to the world. Come enjoy the gift of sacred fire with us.


Women's Fires

As women, we are relational beings who are naturally compelled to gather together.  We invite you to come and be together around the fire, to share what is in your heart and on your mind, to explore what it is to be a woman, or simply to be human. In this way we can sustain each other with respect, compassion, understanding and honest exploration.  

Bring your feelings, experiences, stories, challenges, songs, a snack to share and/or simply bring your lovely presence.   


Men's Fires

Let’s explore what it means to be a man in our culture. . .

How do we support each other in our quest to be of service to our families and community?
How do we explore our emotions in a safe setting with other men?

Come and be with us, around the fire, as we discover what it means to connect in a deeper way man-to-man.